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A wide variety of options is available for purchasing property in Panama. Panama City, Panama offers choices which range from modern ocean front condos and apartments to old world charm of Casco Viejo, with prices to fit every budget. The countryside offers real estate rich in natural beauty and diversity, spreading over mountain ranges, rich valleys, lakes, unspoiled rainforests and some of the planet´s best beachfront real estate on the Caribbean and Pacific coasts.

The Panama property market is still strong and real estate prices have stabilized, despite the world economic crises. Panama Casa Realty has some distressed properties available from investors who are now unable to close on new Panama City and Panama Pacific beach apartments and condos, which create opportunities to buy at below developer prices. These well priced properties sell out quickly.

Most areas of the city and country have not been affected by the world real estate slow down. Hotel occupancy remains high and the tourism industry is growing rapidly-- rental yields are rated high in world ranking to Global Property Guild.

Several factors contribute to the favorable conditions which have prevailed, among them the growing number of multi-national companies moving to Panama and the Panama Canal expansion (which, when completed will triple the income that Panama gets from shipping). With a strong banking and asset protection system, the second largest free trade zone and $10 billion in large infrastructure projects under way, Panama´s future looks bright as Panama and Panama City grows into a top 1st world city.

Panama Casa Realty is part of the international Janelbi realty and property management network. We are a full service Real Estate Company offering expert guidance and professional service in the Panama property markets.
We have a large portfolio of Panama Property Listings, from city condos and apartments, to beach, island, mountain and farm property for sale.